Electric Fence Repairs

Electric Fence Repairs provide Repairs to Electrical Fencing including Equine. Solar Electric Fence as well as Security Electric Fencing!

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Electric Fencing Repairs

Electric Fence Repairs: No power to your electric fence? Or power, but no ticking sound from the energiser? Does the alarm go off often when your driveway gate opens or closes? For whatever reason, your electric fence has stopped working. We will repair your electric fence in no time. Electric Fence Repairs provide Repairs to Electrical Fencing. And other fencing including Equine. Poultry. Electric Netting. Predator, Garden Fence. Field Fence. Farm Fencing. Horse Fencing. Barbed Wire. Wire Fences and Security Electric Fencing.

Electrical Fences can malfunction for all sorts of reasons, and we'll be able to give your fencing the TLC it needs.

Here at Electrical Fencing Repairs South Africa. We provide Electric Fencing Repairs for all types of fences. From Wall Top Electric Fence Repairs. To Stand Alone Electric Fence Repairs. Solar Electric Fence Repairs. Horse fence. Pet fence. Dog fence. As well as Livestock Electric Fencing Repairs.

Whatever is causing your fence not to work. We will find it. And offer the best most cost-effective repair solution.

Electric Wire Fence Repairs FAQ

No! You should never attempt to repair an electric powered fence yourself. Unless you’ve had experience working on electrical fencing. Rather, give us a call. And let our expert technicians troubleshoot and repair your electric fence.

The cost to repair an electric fence, depends on various factors like this. What problem is your fence giving? Fence products and parts that need repair or replacement? That's why we come out and provide you with a free estimate on what needs repairs.

All products we supply, carry a manufacturer warranty. For a period specified by the manufacturer. All services we provide carry a 12-month workmanship warranty. This means we will come out and repair at no charge to you.

Yes, by having a lightning arrester installed on every corner of the fence. As well as between the fence and controller. Always keep devices 15 m away from the energizer. As well as have a storm guard installed and set to 1 joule or higher. This will absorb the lightning.

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Repairs to Electric Fencing in includes. Repair or replacements of fence accessories and fencing products including. Electric Fence Clamps. Rods. Ground Rods. Ground Wire. Wires. Ground Rod. Plastic Posts. Copper Wire. Insulators. DC Battery. High Tensile Wire. Aluminum Wire. Solar Panel. Fence Post. Ground Clamp. Insulator. Electric Fence Charger. Steel Wire. Electric Fence Eire. 12V Battery. Plastic Tubing. Fence Wires. Energizer. Solar Charger. Replacement Battery and Lightning Protection devices.

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