Electric Fence Installations

Electric Fence Installations when you need am effective security barrier that will keep intruders out and assets safe call 082-396-4866

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Electric Fencing Installations

Electric Fence Installations: From Residential Electronic Fence Installations to keep your loved one's safe. To Commercial Electrified Fence Installations for your business. When you’re requiring a security barrier that will keep intruders out and assets safe. Look no further than Electric Fence.

Benefits of Electrical Fencing

There are many benefits to having an electric fence. These benefits include easy installation. It’s also affordable, requiring little maintenance. And Intruders are also less likely to break in when they see an electric fence.

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Electric Fence Installation Services

We install all types of fence including. Wall-Top Electric Fencing. And Freestanding Electric Fencing. Perimeter Fence. Farm Fence. Livestock Fencing. Solar Electric Fence. Pet Fence. Garden Fence. Sheep Goat Farm Fencing. Paddock Electric Wire Fence. Horse fencing. Home Electric Wire Fencing. As well as Residential, Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Electric Fencing Installations. Other fence products and fence accessories we install include. Plastic tubing. Steel posts. 12v battery. Ac charger. Underground cable. Lightning protection. Plastic posts. Double insulated. Lightning arrestor. Copper wire. Grounding rods. Dc battery., Tensioners. Insulated wire. Replacement battery. Ac power. Ground clamp. Fencing wire. Grounding system. Ground terminal. Steel wire. Wood posts. Ground wire. Electric fence energizer. Solar panel. Aluminium wire. Ground rods. Insulater and Fence post. A brief explanation of each type of installation explained below.

Electric Fence Installations FAQ

The cost to install an electrified fence depends on many variables. Like how big the property is. Type of fence. Number of strands. For this reason we come out, and give you a free estimate.

All fencing materials and products we supply carry a manufacturer warranty. Specified by the manufacturer. And all our installations carry a 12-month workmanship warranty.

Yes we do. Once your electric fence is, installed. We will issue with an Electric Fence COC Certificate.

That depends on various factors. But anywhere from 3 hours to 3 days depending on project scope.

What Makes Up An Electric Fence?

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An Electric Fence System made up of many parts. Each part is important to ensure the fence works. Some main parts include. The Energiser. Back-Up Battery. Brackets. HT Cables and Wires. Insulators. Posts. Warning Signs and other accessories. All Electric Fence Installations must comply by law. And must have an Electrical Compliance Certificate after installation.

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